( Interdisciplinary artist, with an interest in socialism, sci-fi, digital culture, space and the apocalypse )





Works / Projects


Dead Pixel

The term ”dead pixel” refers to a pixel on a display device that fails to change color. Regardless of the image being displayed, a dead pixel will remain black. The dead pixels are there as a constant disturbance and a reminder of the reality but also as a connecting point between the virtual and non-virtual world.

Malevich created the first dead pixel, his vision was that the black square would be the expression of the new modern age and that it soon would be in everyone's home.


Digital Love

Virtual Total Eclipse(of the heart)

Karl Marx Fashion

Low-Life, High-Tech

No Tears for Space!

The Life and Death of the WWW

Recreate the first Meal Eaten in Space

Dead Pixel

mail show

Sci-fi is for Real

going under underground

How to Explain Internet and the Age of Surveillance Capitalism to a Karl Marx bust.

Utopia Now

God in the Machine

Everlasting (neverending) Sunrise/Sunset

Outer Space as Public Space

The act of Foreseeing

Time will tear us apart and draw us together

The Endings

Utopia - Our own fantasy will be the Revolution.

Sci-fi a Family Dinner

The Word for World Is Forest