( Interdisciplinary artist, with an interest in socialism, sci-fi, digital culture, space and the apocalypse )





Works / Projects


The Endings

How will the world end ? Well maybe something like this... according to DISASTER, APOCALYPTIC and POST-APOCALYPTIC MOVIES.

It's not the end of the world that we crave, but what comes after the end of the world. Apocalyptic narratives allow us to imagine our world being reborn, with us having a second chance to rebuild it from scratch.

- 136 digital prints of apocalyptic visions (from movies)

The end of the world is a modern obsession. Doomsday is something that has been happening since the beginning of time, we are just obsessed with it more now than ever before.But the END never actually comes. The world never ends, even in the stories. Millions, billions even die, as is required in any apocalyptic tale, but life will proceed.


Digital Love

Virtual Total Eclipse(of the heart)

Karl Marx Fashion

Low-Life, High-Tech

No Tears for Space!

The Life and Death of the WWW

Recreate the first Meal Eaten in Space

Dead Pixel

mail show

Sci-fi is for Real

going under underground

How to Explain Internet and the Age of Surveillance Capitalism to a Karl Marx bust.

Utopia Now

God in the Machine

Everlasting (neverending) Sunrise/Sunset

Outer Space as Public Space

The act of Foreseeing

Time will tear us apart and draw us together

The Endings

Utopia - Our own fantasy will be the Revolution.

Sci-fi a Family Dinner

The Word for World Is Forest